We offer offer the following services:


Same Day Delivery

We offer Same Day delivery. Once your package is in our hands we are off to its destination. We ensure that your package will be delivered that day.


Stat Delivery

When you need your packages delivered immediately. Our Rush delivery option is for those whose packages simply can’t wait. These packages take priority and are delivered immediately.



We deliver for numerous medical facilities and are efficient in the handling and delivery of infusion equipment and pharmaceuticals.



We handle all documents, professional and personal alike, with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.


Airport Cargo

Have a delivery to the airport? We make sure your packages reach the airport before the flight.



We are fully capable of completing daily routes with our fleet of drivers to guarantee you and your customers never go without.


Home Deliveries

We take extra care of our home deliveries to and from. We go that extra mile to make sure our customers packages are handled carefully and delivered promptly.